Privacy Policy

Greetings from Skillplay, a platform for career services that links students and companies to democratise the job search process in college and beyond. Since the beginning, we have worked to incorporate privacy into our platform in a way that respects students' rights, universities' responsibilities, and employers' requirements. We want to be explicit about the fundamental privacy principles that govern our policies and procedures since we recognise that student data privacy is a hot topic at the moment:

  • Students have full discretion over which data they want to make public.We give students control over their profile's visibility to companies and the data they choose to disclose. Until a student decides to make their profile public, no employer can ever examine any student data that has been posted to Skillplay.

  • Universities choose the student data they share with Skillplay.We are delighted to collaborate with universities to identify the best strategies for maximising the value of their career centres without sacrificing student privacy since we respect students' rights with regard to their own personal data.

  • Skillplay will never sell personal student data.We never did it before, and we never will! Our business strategy is built on giving our student and employer users useful resources that advance the career exploration process. Your personal information, including your email address, will never be sold to a third party.

You should read our full Privacy Policy to understand what data we collect, how we use it, and the limited circumstances where we may share it. By using our Services, you consent to any transfer and processing in accordance with this Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us at

1. Welcome to Skillplay!

We are a platform for career services that links students, institutions, and businesses to democratise the job search process in college and beyond.

The Skillplay Education (also known as "Skillplay" or "the Skillplay Education") is subject to this Privacy Policy. The terms of service for Skillplay include this policy. If you do not agree, do not use the Service. By using our Service, you also agree to our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

This privacy statement might change in the future. We shall post the amended Policy on our website if we make any minor changes to it without significantly affecting your rights. If we make a change that fundamentally alters your rights, we will give you notice by email, the Skillplay Service, or by presenting you with a new Privacy Policy to adopt. You indicate your acceptance of the new terms by continuing to use the Skillplay Service following the posting of a modification.

2. What information we collect

When you use our Services, we track both personal and non-personal information about you. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify you personally, such as your name, email address, home or business address, phone number, IP address, or device identification. Additionally, as stated below, it may comprise demographic information, geolocation data, educational data, or commercial data.

In order to use Skillplay, you must have an account. On Skillplay, you can register as a student looking for employment or career guidance or as an employer looking for innovative new talent. A career centre, school, or invited mentor account may also be created by you.

  • Student or alumni data: When you register a Student or Alumni Account, edit your profile, react to questions or surveys on our website, or use our site in any other way, our Partner Universities and other third party data sources provide us with personal information about you.

  • From University Partners: To help them manage their career centres, our university partners give us information on their students so we can offer them services. Your name, mailing and email addresses, major, or GPA are all possible items that any university partner may choose to share.

  • From you, your account and your profile: You have the option to provide us with additional information, such as an updated phone number, email address, job history, resume, transcript, and responses to inquiries about your interests and activities, all of which will be subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Additionally, you can disclose this information by editing your profile, uploading files containing personal data, and responding to emails from us or surveys. Your phone number won't be used by us to contact you with any marketing or promotional communications.

  • From employer reviews.Any personal information you decide to include in submitted employer reviews is shared with us. Even if the review is not published or made public, Skillplay gathers this data.

  • From communications, transcripts or recordings.When you choose to join a video or audio conference call, webinar, or video or audio meeting organised by Skillplay, or when you choose to communicate with other users via video, audio, or messaging during a Skillplay video or audio conference call, we receive and store personal information about you. You give Skillplay permission to store the information and recordings of any communication with or related to Skillplay by taking part in Skillplay’s Communications. If you do not want to be recorded during an audio or video meeting or webinar, you should leave the event. You will be notified visually or audibly when recording is enabled. Your personal information and the content of the communications may not be used by any third party video and/or communications service provider that we engage to facilitate Skillplay in any way other than to offer the service to us.

  • From third parties.We might also get further details about you from other schools, alumni associations, career services, or other sources.

  • Usage and log data.Your IP address and other technical information about your visit, such as your browser type, how you navigated the Site, where you gave up, etc., are logged and stored by us ("Usage Data") when you visit the Site. Your IP address can be used to pinpoint your general location.

  • Mobile data.We gather analytical data about your device when you use the Skillplay mobile app, including the IP address, OS version, and clickstream.

  • Precise location data.We give users the option to accept our acquisition of precise location data for a select number of functions (GPS data). We only need your data to make some services possible, such pinpointing your location on a map at a job fair. We don't give out precise location information to third parties or combine it with personal information for marketing reasons.

  • Employer data.To give a point of contact for Universities and administrative personnel, we ask for contact information when Employers create a Skillplay Employer Account. This information is made public on your profile. Without your express permission, we won't use your phone number to contact you with any marketing or commercial messages unrelated to your use of Skillplay Services.

3. How we use your personal data

In order to deliver the Skillplay Service and to enhance your chances of being connected with employers, we use, process, and retain your personal data. This comprises:

  • Offering things like letting you book appointments with career centre staff or register for activities like career fairs

  • According to your account settings and communication preferences, emailing you job postings and communications from possible employers.

  • Letting you choose whether or not to make your profile public so that others, including potential employers, may find you.

  • Enabling communication between you and potential employers via the Skillplay Service, including through message, audio and video conferencing, and webinars.

  • Enabling you to publish reviews and other articles about employers and work experiences.

  • The service being customised. For instance, based on the information in your résumé or the demographic data you submit, we might suggest employers to you, or we might suggest students with public profiles to employers based on search parameters.

  • Unless you choose to opt out (see "How to Opt-Out of Email Communications"), Skillplay or a partner may contact you about additional services they think you would be interested in.

  • Examining fresh approaches to enhance the Skillplay Service.

4. When we may share your personal data

Your personal information will only be disclosed in the following situations:

  • With your permission. You may decide to apply for a job and we would share your profile details, résumé, and transcript with the employers you select, or you could decide to make your profile public so that we can share it with employers through the Services. Employers are expected to protect any personal data they obtain and to only use Skillplay data to offer employment services. Even when your account is set to "private," your University will be able to access and view any personally identifiable information you post if your account is linked to a university partner. Any personal information received by University Partners must be protected. To expand your network and build your professional brand, you may also decide to make your profile visible to particular groups of people. You have the option of making your name and profile publicly available when posting an employer review or other relevant content. Additionally, you have the option to upload the materials anonymously (sometimes known as "pseudonymously"). Please be aware that even when publishing under a pseudonym, it may still be possible to deduce your identify from the content, and that we share with Universities the identities of both public and pseudonymous content.

  • With suppliers who are obligated by contract to offer us services, such as cloud service providers, telecommunications services related to Skillplay, and other services for upkeep of our systems, order fulfilment, email management, and credit card processing. By contract, these businesses are required to protect any personal information we provide to them.

  • With suppliers who are obligated by contract to offer us services including order fulfilment, email administration, and credit card processing. By contract, these businesses are required to protect any personal information we provide to them.

  • If we believe that disclosing the information is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, valid legal process (such as subpoenas or warrants served on us), or governmental or regulatory request, to enforce or apply the Terms of Service, to maintain the security or integrity of the Skillplay Service, and/or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Skillplay, its staff, users, or others, we may share that information with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Unless we are legally barred from doing so, we will try our utmost to give you advance notification through email if we intend to divulge your data.

  • Using expert services, possible investors, buyers, or buyers of our firm in connection with a sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets, or reorganisation. If your personal information is transferred to another company, we will let you know and the terms of this privacy statement will apply to your data as it is received by the new firm.

5. When we use and share non-personal data

Non-personal data is any information about you that cannot reasonably be used to identify you on its own or when combined with other information. Through analytics reports, statistics, and other metrics and guidance, we utilise and disclose your non-personal, de-identified, or aggregated data in a variety of ways to assist our Partners and the general public in understanding trends in the job searching market. To comprehend, for instance:

  • What proportion of graduates from particular universities work in a particular region

  • Whether a particular major or extracurricular activity aligns well with the hiring practises of a specific employer.

  • How different employers compare to one another in terms of the quantity of applications they receive from various colleges.

6. Cookies

As a user of the Site, we store a "session cookie," a small piece of software, on your computer. We also use this cookie to identify you on subsequent visits and speed up the login process if you use the Services and create an account. Depending on the type of browser you use, you can delete this and other cookies from your browser's options menu; but, if you do so, you won't be able to access our service to log in. We may make use of your device identifier or other information about the location of your visit if you access the site using a mobile device. Web beacons or other similar technology are used in our email messages to track when emails are opened or read. The records generated by this capability are returned to our Service and could contain other data you have.

7. How to opt-out of email communications

Please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email to stop receiving notifications or promotions, or change your account choices.

8. Storage, security and how to remove your information

We encrypt your data both while it is in transit from you to Skillplay and while it is at rest as part of our industry-standard technical, administrative, and physical security measures. No website or internet transmission is totally secure, and we cannot guarantee that unauthorised access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches won't happen even though we take reasonable security precautions against them. If there is a breach, we shall act reasonably to look into the matter and, if necessary, notify the affected parties in line with any laws and rules that may be in force.

9. Do not track signals

Do Not Track signals that may be transmitted by some browsers are presently not able to be addressed by us.

10. De-activating your account or deleting your personal data

You have the option to make your account private or deactivate it so that it is no longer possible to view you on the Service. You can also ask Skillplay to delete information about you, although we might be required to keep some information about you as a service provider to your college or university. Therefore, if they send us your data again for us to process on their behalf, we will keep it until they ask us to remove it. By contacting your university and asking them to erase your information, or by sending an email to, you can request deactivation or deletion.

11. Third party links

The Services may include connections to and from websites operated by parties other than our Employer, University, and Skillplay Partners. Please be aware that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for them if you choose to access them via a link on any of these websites. Additionally, we are not liable for any personal information you provide to employers while using the Services. Before providing any information to any websites, please review their specific rules.

12. Children

Without express parental approval, minors under the age of 13 are not allowed to use our site or use our services, and they are

13. Do not track signals

Do Not Track signals that may be transmitted by some browsers are presently not able to be addressed by us.

also not allowed to use our Terms of Service or this Policy. Under-13-year-olds are not the target audience for our information collection. Please contact us here right away if you think we may have obtained personal data from a kid under the age of 13; we'll do everything in our power to have it deleted from our records.

14. Payments

Through the use of a third party payment processor, Skillplay enables companies to reimburse schools for ancillary costs like running a booth at a career fair. None of that payment information is gathered or used by Skillplay. Employers should get in touch with the school if they have any questions or concerns about the accepted payment methods. Skillplay disclaims all liability and obligation for financial transactions.

15. Your Privacy Rights

The section above titled "What Information We Collect" contains details about the sources from which we obtain personal data; the section above titled "How We Use Your Personal Data" contains details about the business and commercial goals for which we gather your personal data; and the section above titled "When We May Share Your Personal Data" contains details about the categories of recipients with whom personal data is shared or sold.

Any personal data we have gathered from your usage of the Skillplay Service is not sold by us.

Contact us at with any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policies or practices.

16. Contact us

Please get in touch with us at one of the following addresses if you have any inquiries regarding our privacy practises or desire to have any of your personal information removed from our records:

Email :

Phone : +971563813512

Address : Skillplay Education, Ma’an, Al Khatem Tower, Abudhabi, UAE